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How do I use the call number?


Most academic libraries, including Hamersly Library, use Library of Congress (LC) call numbers. The system is not hard to use, it's just a different method of organization than the Dewey Decimal System that you might be used to. Primo displays the call number horizontally, like this:
GT2110 .H3 1998.
On the shelves, you'll see the call numbers stacked vertically, like this: 

call number in stacked form


First, make sure you are in the correct location (collection) of the library according to Primo. Then take the call number in "chunks" and proceed alpha-numerically in order. 

Once you find the large section of G, then find GT

Once you find GT, look for GT2110

Once you find GT2110, look for GT2110. H

Finally, look for GT2110. H3

The 1998 is the publishing year but is only relevant when there are multiple editions of a book on the shelf. 

Occasionally the last bit of the call number will indicate a volume number from a multi-volume work or a copy number if we have more than one. 

The LC Classification Outline defines the topical organization. 

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