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I need to video record myself. How can I do this? What about while the library is closed?


During the COVID-19 closure:

Our audio and video equipment/rooms are not available while the library is closed. It is still possible to make recording using your phone or the webcam on your computer. Check out our guide for resources to help you with creating and editing while away from campus.

During normal circumstances:

The library has several options for you to do video recording. The Digital Production Room for Video (HL 222) is set up with a camcorder and DSLR camera on tripods, lighting equipment, and black and green screen backdrops. The room is also equipped with video editing software and equipment, and technical assistance in nearby during Technology Tutoring Hours or often as needed during weekdays. You may reserve the room, or if it's not currently in use, you may pick up the key at the Checkout Desk. 

You can also checkout equipment to use elsewhere. We have full camcorders as well as simple Flip cameras, and floor and tabletop tripods.  See the Equipment Guide for the inventory as well as user manuals. Other equipment of potential interest includes a webcam, desk- and camera-mounted microphones, and black and white backdrops. 

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