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Can I print onto my own specialty paper? 


Yes! First, at the computer, start the Print command, then:

  1. select the printer queue you want (ex. HL-Ref, HL-Alcove-Color),
  2. click Advanced or Preferences, select the Bypass Tray, and click OK to apply the preferences.
  3. Complete the print command.

Now go to the printer with your paper. When the printer is ready to print your document, its screen displays alert: action needed an alert screen with your username and the file name, indicating that it needs the paper in the bypass tray to continue. Fold down the bypass tray on the front of the printer and place your paper on it. The printer will detect the paper there and automatically pull it in to print.

This is easiest when you select a queue with only one printer, such as HL-108 or HL-Alcove. But when multiple printer devices serve the queue, wait to see which device picked up your print job.


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