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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use the public library as a WOU student?


Yes, after registering for a public library card, WOU students can access those resources as well as those available through Hamersly Library. Register by going to the city library for your current address and presenting a government-issued photo ID (driver license, passport, etc.) and a recent rental agreement or bill (cable, internet, cell phone, electricity, etc.) that includes your address. Students who live on campus can print out their RSC address from WolfWeb. You may also register online for a temporary account and complete the process in person. 

If you live in Monmouth, Independence, DallasSalem or elsewhere within Marion, Polk or Yamhill counties, register with the CCRLS library district. Like the Summit system, CCRLS allows you to borrow books from any of the partner libraries, either in person or through the catalog. A daily courier delivers your requested material to the library of your choice at no charge to you.

Or register with Corvallis-Benton County Public Library if that's appropriate.

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