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Frequently Asked Questions

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I live in the area but am not a student at WOU. Can I use the library?


Area residents are welcome to come and use Hamersly Library, regardless of their student status! If you are coming just to study offline and to consult books in the library, you need not do anything special. Alternatively, you can stop at the Information Desk and get logged into our computers as a guest (photo ID required) OR we can guide you to connect your own laptop to guest wifi. 

You can also borrow many of our materials; the Checkout Desk will help you get set up as a Community Borrower. If you already have a public library card, we can use the barcode from it as your identifier in our system so you don't to stuff yet another card into your wallet! 

Are you a student at Chemeketa, Oregon State, or another school that belongs to the Summit system? We can adopt you as a Summit Visiting Patron

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