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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I do if a book or video I need is checked out?


There are several options, depending on how urgently you need it and other libraries having the needed material.

  1. You can request a Summit copy of the book. If there is a copy available, it should arrive in about two business days.
  2. You can place a hold for Hamersly Library's copy. Whenever the current patron returns it, we'll notify you that you can pick it up at the Checkout Desk. 
  3. You can drive to a nearby Summit library if a copy is available at OSU, Willamette U, Chemeketa, or Linfield, and borrow it directly. 
  4. You can borrow from your local public library if a copy is available there. Public libraries are most likely to be sources for popular fiction and nonfiction, children's books, DVDs of feature films and documentaries, and digital formats of those resources. They do not typically have scholarly or academic books. 

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