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Can I print from my own laptop to the library's printers?


Yes, but indirectly, through WOU's virtual desktop (VDI).

To print from your laptop: 

  1. email yourself the needed document
  2. use a web browser to go to Select VMware Horizon HTML Access and login with your PawPrint. Click the 1. Lab Stations box.
  3. within the VMware window, retrieve your email and download the document.
  4. still within the VMware window, send the document to the printer of your choice. 

Alternatively, you can send the document to yourself (or save to a USB drive), then log onto a library computer and proceed to print as usual.

If you are using your laptop for online work (Moodle, article databases, etc.) and there's a chance you'll want to print to a campus printer, connect to VMWare first and use the web browser there. 

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