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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I print in the library?


Print Credits

  1. Your network account gets 225 print credits added each term you are enrolled. Your Portal page displays your current balance.
  2. Purchase additional credits at any time through the Portal link, and you can use them immediately. 
  3. Unused credits roll over to the next term, Fall through Summer intersession. In mid-September, just before Fall number, everyone's accounts get zeroed out and start over at 225. 
  4. One page sent to a black & white print queue costs one credit, and one page sent to a color queue costs five credits. Double-sided printing costs two and ten credits, respectively.

Choose the Printer & Queue

  1. Make sure to choose a nearby printer--the computers do not have location-based defaults, and you don't want to have to wander the Admin building to find your paper! Look for the sign with the printer's name. 
  2. The printers in Hamersly Library are: 
  • Lab-HL-Ref or Lab-HL-Color: 1st floor east reference area [your printout will come from one of the three printers on this queue]
  • Lab-HLRefWest or Lab-HLColorWest: 1st floor west reference area  [your printout will come from one of the two printers on this queue]
  • Lab-HL108 or Lab-HL108Color: In room 108, the computer lab and classroom
  • Lab-HLAlcove or Lab-HLAlcoveColor: 2nd floor southwest corner in the Computer Alcove 
  • Lab-HL-DMC or Lab-HL-DMC-Color: 2nd floor northeast corner in the Digital Media Center [11x17" printing available]
  • Lab-24HourRoom or Lab-24HourRoomColor: in room 106, by the Monmouth Ave. entrance.

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